Top 3 easy steps building a fan base in 2018

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Top 3 steps building a fan base in 2018

Top 3 easy steps building a fan base in 2018, Let me start by saying this; building a fan base isn’t that hard, all it takes is good communication and knowing who your target audience is !!! but let us focus on the top 3 easy steps building a fan base you could follow today and immediately get results, so without further ado here are the Top 3 easy steps building a fan base :

1. Use your social media to it’s fullest potential :

3 easy ways building fan base

3 easy ways building fan base

If you’re not on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram then you might as well give up a good chunk of presence, as nowadays most of us spend at the very least an hour a day scrolling through posts, images and videos. Let’s say you are present on all those mentioned above, are you active though ? are you posting interesting, funny, informative posts, something that grabs the attention of your already existing audience to like, comment and share your content so others would also join in, and so forth, are you consistent ? creative ? doing something no one else is doing that’s building a fan base ? all questions that just might be the answers you need to grow on social media. Social media is a platform where people can connect and understand the REAL you, so why not make it personal, it’s where they can fall in love with who you are, and once you’ve gained a couple of loyal fans, they will do their very best to help you building a fan base in every way possible, because they believe in what your brand stands for as much as you do !!

wouldn’t you love not needing to spam your music to every direct message or comment section ? well…. that’s how you do it, by building a fan base.

2. Collaborate with as many people as you can :

3 easy steps building a fan base

How many times have you listened to your favorite artist feature someone you never heard of, then that same person who was once unknown might currently be one of your favorites, and would you have heard of him if he hadn’t been featured ? maybe….. but maybe not. Point being, when you work with someone else, you gain access to more than just their fans, you gain access to their trust as well, because we as people are more likely going to trust a friend of a friend, than a complete stranger, and by appearing alongside someone the fans hold in high value, we immediately gain both interest and trust. So reach out to someone of equal or a bigger audience, ask to work with them, and watch the cross-promotion take effect, building a fan base.

3. Make it about them, not you :

3 easy ways building a fan base

3 easy ways building a fan base

well that’s too simple to be true right ? it must be….. certainly not. I’m afraid people always seem to ignore the obvious ways of gaining fans, and it might be due to the fact that we forget people are self involved, we love talking about us more than talking about anyone else, so why not make your success theirs ? would you not be more inclined to buy, play, share if you thought it would make you a part of the success  ? yes, yes, you would !!!! So why not shout out the people that showed support, give them a free T’shirt, CD, Beat or shoutout, and it might even make your other supporters want to work harder to receive the recognition or prize.

So there you have it 3 easy steps building a fan base !!!

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