Services :

Mixing & Mastering Services

Mixing/Mastering Includes Advanced EQ, Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay, De-essing & Loudness Maximization Using Industry Standard Plugins And Advanced Mixing Techniques, As Well As Auto Tuning When Requested. You can order this service for 25$, 


Catch22 Beats Services


Producer Tag (Voice Over) Services

Looking to protect your beats from being stolen, or maybe you’re just looking to step up you branding. Contact us with the details of how you’d like your producer tag to sound like and you’ll receive a fully mixed and easily integrated producer tag, taking your brand to the next level. Here are some examples of producer tags we’ve made; Sono Beats , Stormz Kill It , B.Blessed.Beats .


Catch22 Beats Services


Custom Beats Services

You haven’t found the right sound in our catalog, or you’re just looking for something a little more specific ? We can help you out. Contact us with the details, and we’ll get back to you with a price. Stand out with a custom production, made just for you.


Catch22 Beats Services