What’s a Catch-22 ?

A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules”.

When faced with a catch-22 one would easily assume failure and accept their losses. Reflecting on the possible outcomes would be deemed a waste of time, since each answer came bearing a cost, you’d be conflicted with who you were, but recognize what you lost. Feel trapped within choices you’ve already crossed. 

Haunted by the past, and the future wasn’t just. Kept too many secrets, and the truth just drove you nuts. Those moments defined who you were, yet we both know you were meant to be much more. Feeling frustrated with nowhere to escape, the only options you had were the options you couldn’t take.

Why did you pick Catch22 Beats as your name ?

We at Catch22 Beats took that moment of loss and created something out of nothing; beats that captured the true meaning of Catch-22, because we are who we truly are in a moment of desperation, and it’s moments like these that unlock your maximum potential. As all up and coming artists would come to require beats that live up to that moment, we give you Catch22 Beats.

So you just make beats ?

We help solve problems artists face everyday, we strive to break these rules and restrictions created by the industry, we don’t just sell beats, we help sculpture your sound, find your audience, brand and niche ! Working step by step, valuing your input, while creating a solid plan around your workflow. We help you capture moments in your life, that match emotion you’ve felt, creating music both you and your fans would fall in love with. We have the key to unlock these doors and obstacles you face, you just need to be willing to take it, so what do you say ?